Postpartum Care Package

Once you arrive home from the hospital, you deserve excellent care. You will not get it from your hospital-based providers, and unfortunately in our country postpartum care is not the standard.

Since I am not catching babies at this time, as I am home with my two little ones, I am focusing on offering what homebirth families receive for their postpartum care to families who birth in the hospital.

Ideally you hire me during the pregnancy so that we get to know one another and I can help guide you through what your birth might look like and feel like. I can be available to you over the phone during your hospital birth. Then, once you arrive home from the hospital I will come do full-scope postpartum midwifery care in the comfort fo your own bedroom.

Postpartum care package that includes 5 visits in your home. Visits usually last about an hour and a half, depending on what you need.

Visits include maternal wellness checks (vital signs, sleep/nutrition assessments, yoni/wound care and healing support), breastfeeding support, infant wellness assessments (weights, jaundice, nursing/latch, sleep, clothing, diapering, digestion support, etc.). I will also support you and your partner being able to communicate gently during this challenging time.

I am a midwife. I love and respect the birth process, both as babies coming and going and with regards to the families becoming parents and caregivers. I am here for you, whatever you need. I know how hard it is to have a baby in this country during this time and I am passionate about supporting your transition into parenthood.

Phone or Zoom sleep consultations for you and your little one