Sanctuary LEOPI at theROOT!!

Oh my Goddess! theROOT is thrilled to announce that the unparalleled body worker and midwife, Leopi Nicola, will be gracing theROOT for the month of March!

Her practice of orthobionomy, Sanctuary Leopi, is the most transformative experience any of us have ever had the pleasure to enjoy. Having had every type of body work under the sun and routinely relying on chiropractic, acupuncture, massage and the like, we have never had any work that felt as good to receive or whose benefits lasted as long.

She will be at theROOT the first and third THURSDAYS of March (the 7thand the 21st). You can schedule your appointment here.

If you are pregnant, hoping to get pregnant, have had a baby, or have a woman’s body in any manifestation, then this is the work for you.

Don’t wait! theROOT midwives have already filled up four of her spots!! 

Kate Maxey is BACK

Hello Acupuncture lovers,

Happy Spring! I am writing to fill you in on my gentle return to my acupuncture practice beginning this Wednesday April 18 :) Just about 6 months ago, I gave birth at home to a wild and lovely little girl named Azul. We have had our hands full and our hearts blown open. One of the most striking things about bringing her into this world has been our Bay Area community— from midwives, to postpartum chefs, to friends, family, massage therapists, and fellow mamas and papas— the assistance, sustenance, healing, validation, advice, and laughter has been crucial to us feeling whole, cared for and held (and not crazy!) as new parents.

We are ALL so blessed to live in the Bay and have the resources available to us that we do…. and I hope that I can continue to be a resource for you. I am so happy to be not just a parent but a health-care provider in this community! I have learned a lot this past year, on so many levels, and hope to share a new depth in our time together.
I will be starting back slowly at The Root on Wednesdays with 3pm, 4:30pm and 6pm appointment slots. At this time I will be focussing my care at The Root on Women’s Reproductive and General Health Care, as well as supporting the fertility of couples by seeing men in this instance, as well. I hope that the rest of my male-identified patients reach out to Joseph at House of Qi to continue their acupuncture care. I plan on eventually adding some hours at House of Qi where I will see everyone, but I cannot tell you yet when that will be.
I’m excited to see some of you soon! If you haven’t been to The Root yet- it’s a little slice of heaven. Please be in touch via text or email to set up an appointment.
Grateful to share this city together!

@ The Root Midwives

1300 Sanchez Street, Noe Valley

San Francisco

Co-Teaching Childbirth Ed Class

I’m so happy to announce that I, alongside the fabulous Lauren Miller, will be teaching the upcoming Bay Area Homebirth Collective childbirth preparation class!!  Now that I’ve had my own baby get ready for another layer of insight, information, and compassion!!  Class begins April 24th and runs for 5 weeks on Tuesday nights.  Please email Lauren at with inquiries and questions. 

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