Nile Nash MSN, RN, WHNP-BC, CNM is a homebirth midwife currently attending births in the city of San Francisco. Nile offers comprehensive prenatal, birth, and postpartum care to low-risk and motivated women and families.

Please email Nile at to set up an interview. Please include your estimated due date, your address and phone number.


Free essential oils class THIS SUNDAY, 11/15 from 3pm-6pm. Come to The ROOT (1300 Sanchez Street) to learn how to use essential oils for you health and wellness.

Nile teaches a homebirth specific childbirth preparation class. If you are a homebirth family and want to sign up for class please email me! The next classes for this year and next are happening on the following dates:

November 16th – December 21st January 4th – February 8th February 22nd – March 28th

Please see the Resources Page for details about this amazing class.

Nile Nash of Mama Lion has joined forces with Kelly Murphy of Birth Yourself, Jaime Shapiro of Peaceful Passage, and Kara Engelbrecht of Mothercraft to birth a new midwifery center! We are The ROOT.

The ROOT is a space for midwifery and the shared wisdom that’s inspired by women gathering. It’s home to four San Francisco midwives who chose to weave their individual and dynamic practices into collaborative space. Our mission is to create opportunity for women to connect, normalize, re-wild and initiate the blueprint of birth, and to feel the collective power and grace of an ever expanding community. Get back to the ROOT of it all: beauty, birth, and love.

Please consider helping us fund our space!


“A midwife should have a lady’s hands, a hawk’s eyes, and a lion’s heart.” - Aristotle

Mama Lion Midwifery practice believes that our bodies are extremely wise and complex, especially a woman’s. She was able to get pregnant and grow a baby, perhaps with a little help, but without micromanaged instructions from external sources. A woman’s body truly creates miracles. Mama Lion Midwifery seeks to empower a woman and her family by guiding them to make their own healthy and safe decisions with the best information available. With information based in both best evidence research and personal experiences Mama Lion can contribute recommendations for motherbaby’s health and wellness.

Within boundaries of safety held by continual midwifery assessments, we hope that each woman chooses for herself what is best regarding her body, not only during pregnancy, birth and postpartum but also during preconception and post-fertility. Our goal is to help women learn how to best treat themselves so that once all is said and done and there is a little one in arms, a woman can be the strongest and most capable parent she can be.

We talk a lot about diet and nutrition, exercise, emotional wellness, and alternative therapies such as herbs and chiropractic work. If your holistic wellness is leaving the realms of low-risk status, we will do our best to nudge systems back into safe territory and if that cannot be accomplished with our midwifery skills we can recommend that you seek more appropriate care, including collaboration with and/or transfer to an OBGYN practice.


In 2010 Nile graduated from UCSF’s graduate school of nursing with her masters degree in the science of nursing. She finished with her licenses as a registered nurse (RN), a nurse practitioner of women’s health (WHNP), and as a certified nurse midwife (CNM). Her WHNP license was recently board certified (BC). Nile has her undergraduate degree from UCLA in women’s studies and has an educational history in the study of languages. Nile also speaks fluent Spanish.

Having been born at home herself, Nile attended her first home birth at the age of seven and has known ever since that she is a midwife. With a firm foundation in the philosophies and practices of homebirth Mama Lion Midwifery blends in the science and structure of a hospital-based education. As a homebirth midwife, Nile tends toward a very low-intervention style but is ready and willing to use her clinical skills to take care of emergencies quickly and effectively.